Life sucks

I’ve never been so lonely in my life, I have a great family alot of cool friends.  But in the end I desire something much more, a girlfriend. Someone I could hold and  care for, tell my deepest fears and secrets. I would finally feel at home. But in this world it seems home is the sun.  Warming and full of life, yet so far away.


Happy to hear the success.


No single Android(s goog) phone has outsold the iPhone(s aapl) over time, although one is making a strong showing. Samsung announced on Thursday that its Galaxy S III has crossed the 20 million sales mark in the 100 days since launching in May. This follows a recent report that at three of the four big U.S. carriers, the Galaxy S III did outsell the iPhone 4S in August, although consumers are likely waiting for the next iPhone, expected to be unveiled on Sept. 12.

Samsung doesn’t specify if the sales figure is actual end-user sales or sales to carriers, i.e.: shipments, but all signs point to success. While Samsung should be happy with its achievement, this sales figure may speak more to the gap between Android and iOS as a whole. Back in 2008 when the first Android phone launched, it was inferior to the iPhone by many accounts

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Predicted the dollars value to decline, I knew it

24/7 Wall St.

The three major U.S. stock indexes opened higher this morning as expectations had been raised that the European Central Bank would institute some kind of bond-buying program to shore up the Eurozone’s crippled economy. Data on US employment and new claims for unemployment benefits came in better than expected, but didn’t have much impact on equities before the market opened. The ECB’s decision to go ahead with the bond purchases really drove equity prices higher this morning, and kept them well higher all day. If tomorrow’s non-farm payrolls report beats expectations of around 125,000 new jobs added, equities could take off again.

The U.S. dollar index is lower today, now down 0.21% at 81.062. The GSCI commodity index is down 0.5% today at 668.72, with commodities prices mostly higher and corn remaining below $8.00/bushel. WTI crude oil closed up 0.2% today, at $95.53/barrel. Brent crude trades up 0.46% at $113.61/barrel…

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High school

High school is a joke,  classes are mostly simple,  and the kids are extremely immature and obnoxious.  The only place a little worse then this is a child day care. Wish people would focus more on their education then trying to impress people by doing stupid actions.

The beginning


Started doing things different today,  and decided to start a blog. Not sure if anyone can see this but since I’m anonymous I will speak my mind, quite the opposite of my personality. I will describe the gist of my thoughts and personality in due time, till then,  I will sleep.